Friday, August 14, 2009

Parental Experiment #525

So I picked a random number for this experiment. Sue me. I'm at my wits ends with these kids.

We have arguing, with me and amongst themselves. We have dallying, on the level that we miss the bus to camp. We have dishes everywhere, as well as clothes tossed onto the floor. Mommy isn't Mommy - Mommy is a maid.

I had a brilliant idea after missing my Friday morning breakfast with Mimi, Poppa and Aunt Pat (of voodoo doll fame) because Steffie missed the camp bus. I decided that every time one of the girls does something I've asked them not to do, I'm charging Steffie $1 and Jackie $0.25 (Jackie has less money).

I'm giving each of them a list when Stef gets out of camp today. They'll know the parameters of what is expected of them.

I'm tired of yelling, tired of asking for things to be done repeatedly. Tired of arguing. Tired of them thinking they can back talk, do what they want and act up when this home needs peace and quiet.

I just might be getting a pedicure out of my collections each week.

It has occurred to me that $1 is a pretty steep price for Steffie. However, you need to understand that this happens every day, ALL DAY. It's a nice way to inflict pain without raising a finger.

I'm off to decorate my coffee can :)

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OddBall said...

Here's an excerpt of Jackie's day with them:

Sharon: "Jackie, what did you do today at camp?"

Jackie: "Nothing."

Thats it.

Nothing more.

None of the; "I did this and that and the other things today."


My daughter? Same thing.

Me: "Sammi, what did you do today?"

Sammi: "I don't know."

Me: "What did you have for breakfast?"

Sammi: I don't know.

Why is it children suddenly remember every minute detail later, say, when you're watching your favorite show you recorded on your DVR?

I know why. They were put on this world to disrupt you! They are 3 foot tall menaces to human interaction and peace and harmony. Their brains are growing faster than the bucket which contains it and they need to squeeze out as many questions in as short a time as possible.

Its annoying but I understand it.

Now if I could just get my wife to stop calling them Chlamydia plants we'd be all set :)