Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still chuggin along...

Been busy. Writing, being Mom and having family in town. I'm still recovering from 2 days and 10 people staying with us. It wiped me out.

We went to Ohio to visit my aunt who has early-onset Alzheimers. She recognized us all, except for the babies that she had never met. A good visit. A great visit. But I can honestly say that MD to OH is way too long for a 3 day weekend. Especially with three kids that need to pee at different times :)

I've started another blog. This one political. I'm having alot of fun with it as well as enjoying the ability to get my thoughts together.

I originally started this blog to document my course of treatment to construct a book. A book which I cannot write at all now because I dissolve into tears.

Maybe someday soon I'll be able to write about this nightmare.

Breast cancer is so cliche ridden it makes me cringe. Whenever I do write it, I want to have a voice that doesn't say what has been said before. I need to have all my brain cells firing on overdrive to do that.

My girls are fine as is my Bill. Clyde is still ruling the house (or so he thinks) and Maui is still kicking. My old kitty gave me quite a scare a few weeks ago when she seemed to suffer a stroke. She was totally unable to control her left back leg. But she came out it and appears to be in no pain. Maui is the definition of a tough old bird.

I'll let her go when the time is right, just like I did with her brother and sister.

I was talking to Mom today about everything and nothing. And we both agreed that cancer seems to be quite liberating. It makes a body want to say what's on the mind.


Sara Williams said...

I think that they way you are writing about breast cancer is good, it will make a great book once you are through this.

I hope your cat is ok. Maybe she had a little ear infection which can affect the legs. Animals are amazing creatures, how they deal with illness. My first dog Bobbi, had lymphoma when she was 5. The vet told me that I could opt for chemo but in his opinion I would get a sick miserable dog with not much extra time anyway... Her cancer was aggressive, just like mine was, I often think... should I have gone for chemo? Having been through chemo, I know I made the right choice for her.

Peace be with you x

S. F. Heron said...

Sara, my Mom's dog Betty Boop was diagnosed with cancer and they decided to do chemo. The chemo killed the dog - not the cancer. It decimated the cancer but took that sweet dog away.

Subsequently, her dog Fred was diagnosed with cancer in the shoulder bone when she was undergoing breast cancer treatment 6 years ago. We decided to take him home, feed him like a king and make him comfortable. At over 70 pounds, the weight of walking would cause the bones to break from the disease. This was a constant worry but he was happy. We gave him pain meds daily.

Fred lasted until right after Mom's last chemo treatment. He passed just about a week later. He was happy throughout this time and let my Dad know he just couldn't take his daily walks anymore that final day.

I wrote an article about Fred on Helium here: This article is being published in a book about true animal stories sometime in the near future.

Maui has survived whatever she had going on a few weeks ago and exposure to the tainted pet foods -twice! She's tough but I know someday soon my girl will be crossing the rainbow bridge.

Hugs to you and condolences on the loss of Bobbi. The sadness never leaves but it gets easier over time.

Hope you are well!


Beth said...

Hi Sharon, did you know that you can print off your blog like a book? I haven't tried it yet but I know it can be done. It would be a great thing for you to have, and I'm sure a great inspiration for your book (when the tears dry up). Maybe it could BE your book. Take care, I enjoy your writing so I'll look for updates on your new blog.


S. F. Heron said...

Thank you Beth! I'm still writing the Cookie Jar blog because this journey doesn't feel done, if that makes sense. I like keeping in touch with everyone and seeing how folks are feeling.

I finished radiation in April and it stills feels like I'm digging myself out of the hole :)

I did hear about the blog book thing. I'm going to check into it and see what I find.

Be well!