Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hi Lonely Blog

Whew! We've had way too much going on for me to even visit this blog. So hello to my lonely, ignored blog and to my blogette and blogger friends. I've missed you.

Bill's Grandma died a week ago Friday and we drove to Texas. Maryland to Texas is about 1350 miles one way. We left Tuesday and drove like mad to get to Nana's funeral on Wednesday. We stayed until early Sunday morning and drove straight through to get home. Quite a trip - an exhausting trip.

You know, life needs to settle into a routine here. It would be nice to not have a crisis appearing once a week. Broken dryers, deaths, sick kids, car towing, Bruiser the wonder dog - it's been one thing after another. I know it's life but we need some peace. I need some peace in order to make some money!!

So Jackie's blood work came back negative for Lyme - Thank God. She hasn't complained of sore legs in over a week. What a weird virus. I'm just on the lookout for it to reappear and if it does, we'll get her tested again. She does go to preschool on a horse farm so the chances of her picking up ticks on her daily hikes is much higher than for most people. She's loving school but still answers with "Nothing" when we ask her what she does every day. She's a smarty britches!

I'm finding losing even a pound is like pulling eye teeth. This Tamoxifen makes things rather stubborn. Dr. K told me that it causes stomach bloating - thank you Captain Obvious. I find this whole thing extremely frustrating when dropping back the weight I gained from the steroids will take a literal act of God. I want to be at the correct weight for alot of reasons, beginning with the lower incidence of recurrence of breast cancer in women at optimum weight. It's good incentive to eat like a rabbit.

So here I am! Just here. Pissed off at alot of stuff but hanging in there. I don't like feeling this way but digging myself out of this hole is quite difficult. I guess it just takes time and when I think about it, it only has been 4 months since I finished radiation. About 8 months since chemo was done.

Gotta run. Be well!


Sara Williams said...

It is so hard with weight gain thru steroids etc. I am going to try so hard cos I have about 28lbs to lose to get to a weight I am happy with! Good luck and keep trying we will get there in the end!

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Good to hear from you Sharon.
I too am working on the weight gain and I don't even have Taximofen to blame. I am slowly getting smaller but it is taking alot of effort.

Daria said...

Those awful steroids .... we won't go there.

Sounds like you are living a busy life ... how great is that ... living life to the fullest ... I say.