Sunday, September 6, 2009

How ya doing?

What's up?

I've been buried under a mound of drama this week with the girls going back to school. Right smack in the middle of my first week actually working without interruption, I have the major drama of a foreclosed animal being sent to the shelter that my Mom absolutely wanted to rescue. (not my foreclosure - someone else's).

So anyway, Jackie had a fever, missed a day of school, went back then developed stiffness in her legs. Out of school again on Friday for most of the day to have a checkup and blood work to check for Lyme's disease. She's walking very stiffly when she wakes up in a morning and her fever appeared one time and then disappeared. She's okay but occasionally stiff. Blood results should come next week.

So drama. All-week-drama-that-keeps-a-body-from-working type drama. But it's good because this doggie will be happy with Mom and Dad and she loves him.

If you want to read his story, click HERE and for part 2, click HERE. I'm writing this every day after our visits so there's another article coming. I need to be very careful with what I say though, because vindictiveness is the middle name of some of the people over there.

He's the pup in the pictures in my article and he's absolutely delightful :) There will be more to his story over the next few days and months.

I have video of him now too.

Yes, that's a rooster you're hearing in the background. The rooster is quite confused, since the video was taken just before 5 p.m. There's ducks (Bruiser likes them) and some chickens too. My sister-in-law Michelle is the "HAND" you see :) and she's the one telling the rooster it isn't morning.

Be well and happy Labor Day everyone!


Sara Williams said...

what a lovely dog and a new home with your parents?

S. F. Heron said...

Yes, Sara, we are all so excited about Bruiser. He should be moving into Mom's house this Thursday (I hope!!)