Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some nausea help, maybe?

I researched an article yesterday about motion sickness remedies, specifically the over the counter variety. I came across something called a relief band which stimulates the nerves in the wrist, transmitting nerve impulses to the rest of the hand. For some reason, this helps with nausea.

Anyway, I read through alot of reviews on this and discovered that some individuals use the wrist bands to help with chemo nausea. Can you imagine not having to deal with the awful constipation that comes with chemo? My Mom isn't usually game to be the guinea pig for new things but I talked to Dad about this last night. She might have to be the experiment for her Tuesday treatment.

I also found something called Hylands motion sickness pills. Now herbal remedies need to be used carefully by folks taking chemo but this is something to consider. I used Hylands on Jackie when she was a baby for tummy upset and teething. And I've used the products myself too. Something else to consider.

I decided I want to get my mom with an acupuncturist although when she reads this, this will be the first she's heard of it :) She takes a chemo called Sysplatin and the way I understand it, the "platin" chemos cause hand tremors that can be pretty debilitating. Writing, applying makeup, cutting (no knives, Mom!!) and putting jewelry on is a challenge. We understand this is temporary but anything to help her should be considered. Another guinea pig moment, yes, but who cares if it makes life easier for her? Will keep you all posted on my efforts to convince her this might help. That should make for some entertainment, huh? Might even rank up there with the voodoo doll.

Boring day, did nothing spicy. Haven't found that magic wand that erases months of fatigue and blahness. Was so tired today, you wouldn't think I slept for 7 hours last nite. Maybe it's the broken sleep that just piles on and on. My hips really plague me at night so I don't sleep well at all. It frequently feels like my back is broken so I can't turn over. Just peachy.

Another bizarre aspect of all of this is my complete loss of appetite. I can go all day with nothing, which I know is awful for me, and then be hungry for dinner. I'm just not hungry. Everything still tastes bad. I force myself to drink a Slimfast to get something into me. Too bad this isn't translating into a svelte figure. Tamoxifen is taking care of that. The hot flashes are developing a more predictable pattern and aren't lasting all night anymore, thank God.

Eyelashes are really thick but still short. Eyebrows back in although they aren't as long across my brow bone, if that makes sense. Hair, pah! I'm sick of this hair stuff. It's going slow which is downright annoying.

Rain, rain go away. Really. It's still Guatemala here. The highlight of my day was watching the grass grow. And taking a nap. yipppeeee for me.



Daria said...

I wish I had some for you ... I'm fortunate not to experience that side effect.

Growing hair is very exciting ... just remember back to when you had none ...

Hope you have a great nap.

Armand said...

I'll have to look into this magic wrist band..

Also, I can definitely identify with the food tasting off. I can't drink water anymore. Even distilled water tastes funny. Poops.

S. F. Heron said...

It's called a relief band. It looks like a watch. Linky dinky doo: http://www.medshopexpress.com/93315.html

Ain't cheap but then, neither are the antinausea meds.


Classicoyote said...

Sharon, as I am just an observer and not a fighter like you and your blog friends, I can only commend you for dealing with this like a champ. As for the nausea, I have something and it's not a pill or vitamin. Many years ago, I was on a cruise and got my first bout of sea sickness. I have never gotten sea sick in all of the other cruises I went on, but this, I believe 5th time was the charm. Anyway,I was so nauseas at the dinner table that I couldn't eat. So this nice, older lady had the waiter bring me a green apple and some saltines. BINGO! I felt better within 30 minutes. Not sure if it is good for everyone, but give it a try.

See you at softball tonight.