Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Penguins taste like Chicken!!

Not really but I thought I'd devote today's blog entry to the Washington Capitals and their run in the playoffs. They're currently up against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the semifinals for the Stanley Cup.

This picture says it all.

A poster from the best Maryland sports board on the web went to the game the other night with this sign. He even made ESPN!!!

So I decided this guy, and the Caps, deserved a blog post solely for them. Good karma being what it is - we can't pass up every opportunity to send good vibes to Ovie and the Caps.

Do not, under any circumstances, Google "penguins taste like chicken" to try to find this picture. You will only end up with literal observations of people who are really concerned with whether penguins do, in fact, taste like chicken. I didn't read deeply enough into any entry to determine whether people have tried this or where one might find a penguin for dinner.

Go Caps!!!

Hugs to you all. Thanks for your props, comments, and suggestions. Together we can make this manageable.


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