Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too tired to post

Dumb thread title because here I am, posting. Who said logic has any place in a cancer patient's life?

I haven't graduated yet from BC patient to real person again. Maybe that will miraculously happen when I take my first tamoxifen pill. Or maybe when my fried tata heals enough for me to not require burn treatment anymore. I do that tomorrow again as well as keep Mom company during her own chemo treatment. Love to visit the gals on the ward. A truly inspiring bunch of people!

I get to go see the vampire on Wednesday for a blood draw (hi Walter if you're reading this - I will bring candy!). Then a meeting with the oncologist. Don't know what he'll say or do but Bill will be there. He checked me out a few weeks ago so I can't imagine it will be more than getting a script and giving blood.

I found the recipe to curing the open burns on my chest. First, the burns come from what is called a boost - a concentration of chemo on the tumor spot. They used something called a bolus (??sp) to draw the radiation to the surface. All this equals fried tata.

TMI alert - don't read if you can't handle the deets.

So here's another friendly tip from your friendly neighborhood breast cancer unsolicited advice department. Burned tatas heal faster when you stay out of the shower and expose them to air. I started sleeping with chest exposed friday night. The burns almost cured overnight. Then dumb me gets into the shower and ruins all the hard work I did while sleeping. So it's tubby time and no water on my right boob until this thing cures up. If this falls under the TMI, sorry. Just passing along the minutae that now forms the basis of my life.

Bone pain report: it still hurts like an SOB in my hips. Still on one pain patch. And I'll report that I had excruciating bone pain from the mid-shin down to the ankle. It was like Edward Scissorhands was carving up my shin bones. Not happy about this unknown side effect of Neulasta or chemo or the evil black cloud that is hanging over my head.

I'm done. Good night - love to you all.



Classicoyote said...

Hey, Sharon. Sorry to hear you are still under the weather with all of this. What is the bone pain from? As I know so little about what you've been dealing with, I'm just trying to understand. I was hoping that with the radiation finished, you would be in a better place physically. I know it's a long haul for you and I pray that each day gets better for you.

Classicoyote said...
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Armand said...

Hey lady,

I've got a pretty good idea when I'll graduate to being a normal person -- Once I stop having to go to the hospital all the time!

As for bone pain, I'll relay knowledge from Deborah's blog -- loretab loretab loretab!

Hope you're doing well,

S. F. Heron said...

The bone pain results from both them chemo and neulasta. My bone marrow is marrowing itself back to its original state, I hope. It's in a reduced state due to chemo and my immunity is way down due to radiation. Thanks for those prayers, Julie :)

A, I'm on a fentanyl patch because I need to function with the kids here all day. Bill works from home and drives the mommy bus when I feel so bad I need stronger painkiller. My drug of choice is oxycodone but I try not to take it. At this point, it's pain maintenance rather than complete relief :(

Anonymous said...

Hi gorgeous - I was really impatient to get back to normal after treatment, but it took quite a bit of time (actually, I'm still working on it - but it's better). This isn't meant to bring you down - I just know that realistic expectations can help. Please contact me if you want to talk more. Thinking of you, K

S. F. Heron said...

I know kathy. I did learn alot from your ordeal. I meet with my Doc tomorrow to discuss some of this.

I also realize so much of it is my own expectations. I'm trying to be reasonable for me.