Friday, April 17, 2009


Among the many things that have happened today.....drama.

Yes, drama. A big surprise, right?

In the form of someone hacking into Steffie's AIM account, changing her password, and apply for identity on a Bebo account (AOL's version of myspace). This person sent out a whole bunch of e-mails and who knows what else. So I cleaned this mess up and contacted Bebo to blast them for allowing this kind of crap. We'll see where I get with that.

It is extremely difficult to get a kid to understand that they aren't anonymous on the computer. And that giving a password to your BFF is still dangerous - not because that child can't be trusted but because we don't know the security situation on her friend's computers. Argh! Logic doesn't prevail sometimes, no matter how hard I try. My fuse is very short these days so I'll only explain 5 times before I blow my top. As opposed to the dozen times I would explain before.

It's the arguing back that makes me nuts. I have a bar of soap with her name on it and she knows it now. Maybe she'll remember the taste of Dove soap instead of me asking her to be respectful and reasonable.

We're gearing up for a busy day on Saturday. Stef's first softball game and her party - her first with boys and girls. She's very excited and we're having it at my Mom's house. We spent the day cleaning and moving stuff around so there's plenty of room to dance. I'm just wondering if they actually will dance :) They always eat so at least we can keep them occupied with that if some of them go shy on us.

Jackie is extremely excited about this party because she gets to see all Steffie's friends. She loves friends. I think of Jackie going full time to preschool next fall with very mixed feelings. I was hoping to relish this year with her going part time - just Jackie and Mommy time before she really becomes a big girl. This whole year has been ruined, and our M&J time, by breast cancer treatment. It's one of those things I have to accept but it makes me extremely angry when I think about it.

So I'll stop thinking about it.


Armand said...

Time lost is aggravating, no matter what. And I can definitely identify with the short fuse. Unhinged is not far off from where I am, most days.

I hope you are well. :)

Anonymous said...

Cancer treatment does suck, and you have every right and reason to be angry.

S. F. Heron said...

I'm trying really hard not to act like a psycho. The good thing is I really don't think Bill cares if I break dishes :)