Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hair, nail, eyebrow and eyelash report

Haven't bitched about the hair lately or any other annoying girly things that are currently broke. So I thought I would fill you in.

My hair seems to be at about 1/2 to 3/4 of a inch. I think I rub nioxin more on the top than the sides so it's growing better up there. I've since figured out I need to pay more attention when I'm getting ready for the day and I'm spreading it more evenly around my head. My prediction? I'll be buying my first box of hair color in a month. No WAY am I paying my wonderful hairdresser $180 to color the twigs of my hair.

Eyebrows are back but all over the place. Before this, I was blessed with the most perfectly shaped eyebrows. Maybe 4-5 plucks of hair each week and zoom! Not so right now. They're all over the place. And spiky in places. I don't want to even try to shape them until things straighten themselves out.

Drumroll!!!! I have eyelashes. Very thick ones. Coming in pretty well here. Bill seems to think they are about halfway back but he lost his glasses. He doesn't see up close to well and being the great guy he is, he might just be full of malarky. You know how people hold a book or paper far away to read? That was Bill checking out my eyelashes last night. Pretty funny :)

Nails are a mess. They lasted all the way through chemo and cracked and peeled at my radiation midpoint. The horizontal ridges are about halfway up the nailbed now. I guess the nail will strengthen when it completely replaces itself. I also noticed they aren't growing as quickly as they did during chemo. Splitting and peeling but not discolored under the nail. I got lucky (Renee - I hope yours are healing!)

Now my big toe nail is another story. It's gonna do something but I don't know what. I covered it with fire engine red nail polish so I don't worry about it. And that works just fine with me.

This whole thing is quite degrading. I'm sitting here thinking of Armand and how he said after treatment, he plans to make "cancer his bitch." Well, right now, I'm still cancer's bitch. And while this makes me smile (Armand, all DAY I've been thinking of this and smiling - I even told my Mom!) I'm heading away from this worry but slowly. A most frustrating situation for a Type-A personality such as me.

Giving a shout out to wonderful Sue who FINISHED RADIATION TODAY!!!!! Thank God you're finished, Sue. Just Thank God!!

Thank you, my wonderful blogging friends. I sincerely think all of us together are working to keep each other out of therapy!



Armand said...

Heh, I'm glad I've facilitated a smile :)

And you're far from cancer's bitch. I think you've given all that stuff a what-for.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thanks for the shout out. I am glad that I am finished.

For some reason the hair on top of my head is growing faster (and not very fast at that) than on the side. I envy you having eyelashes. I did once had fairly nice ones even though the tips were blond. Naomi has very long peach colored lashes which she smothers with mascara. My older kids always had dark eyelashes even when they were blond kids.

I am hoping that your leg pain goes away soon. Not fair after all you've gone through.