Sunday, March 8, 2009

Voodoo Doll Update

We didn't have to have the Saturday Voodoo doll extermination ceremony. Seems Aunt Pat decided to contact the lady who owned the doll originally. This lady said she'd meet Pat to take the doll from her.

So Pat puts the doll in a metal box, then into the trunk and drives about 30 miles to meet her. Upon getting there, the lady takes the doll out of Pat's trunk, unwraps the white cloth, and proceeds to have a talk with the doll. Things along the lines of whether the doll has been behaving, etc.

Glad I wasn't there.

Then she proceeds to place the doll on the front seat of her car (like a passenger) and off she goes. I'm surprised she didn't hook the seatbelt.

Voodoo crisis is over :) No public land set on fire, my Dad hasn't been arrested, and his God credit checkbook seems to still be in good shape.

Fruits and nuts in this world :)

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