Sunday, March 8, 2009

In the doghouse

I know I'm so in the doghouse tomorrow when I go for radiation. Monday is the day that Dr. A checks out the patients and he measures the swelling of my arm. Lucky me. It's swelling so much the skin is starting to feel tight.

It's a conundrum.

One doc says don't baby it and the other says act like a princess. What am I supposed to do? It's a good thing I'm not doing radiation in the summer because Dr. A would be really upset when I mow the lawn. GOod thing he wasn't around for the leaf blower or I would've been in big trouble over that.

I could never be a real princess. I don't imagine that princesses clean cars, do groceries, or straighten up the garage. It was 70 degrees outside. Way too nice to be inside being a princess.

Jackie stole my ice bag (she likes to put it on her head). I need to ice my arm and elevate it which won't be easy because I have a ton of writing to do. I'm with Mom tomorrow for chemo so I may just do a ton of research and then write up there at the hospital. That works if all the planets align and Jackie gives me some peace.

I hate the time change. I know it's better this way but losing an hour really messes me up.

Not too tired yet from radiation. I'm 1/3 done and truckin' along. 10 session out of 30. It's going fast. Walked 2 miles yesterday with Bill and Jackie and it felt good to be out moving. My back is extremely sore but that seems to be mostly from the table I have to lay on every day of the week. It's like a perma-crick in the back.

I finally gave up on my nails cracking along the Mees lines and clipped every single one short. It was getting way too painful with them cracking way down the quick. Chemo made my nails grow so fast and they're still doing that but I can't handle how bad my fingers hurt when another one cracks. Hopefully, this will keep pain to a minimum. I just need to remember to keep them clipped. Maybe I can clip mine when I clip the cat's nails so I won't forget? I wonder how long it will takes for these ridges to grow out? Six little horizontal lines on every nail...

I'm done. Hitting the sack and I'll start fresh tomorrow.


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