Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not being enough of a princess

Or so says my radiation doc.

Apparently, shoveling snow is a no-no when one is undergoing radiation.

It wasn't heavy snow and I just pushed it off the driveway. I love shoveling snow. And I do know I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than 15 pounds. My arm (and it's recurrent lymphedema) feels so much better when I use it.

So I got a lecture yesterday. I actually asked him if he was kidding. And I pretty much let him know I can't be a princess all the time. Sorry, life goes on even during radiation, recovering from chemo, etc...

No skin changes yet although I do feel an occasional ache way inside. I don't think I like the expanded implant much because it has aggravated my swelling. I'm supposed to slap a cold, wet washcloth on my chest a couple times a day to ease the swelling. Yea right. I do it in the shower with the front of me freezing and the back of me nice and toasty warm :) The cold does make it feel better and I've been icing my arm and chest a few times a day. I'd rather do that than take pills for pain.

I need to get my fanny in gear and start writing. We've all either been sick all weekend or fighting off a cold (like me).

Get this - I graduated to Tylenol. I can actually take an over the counter drug. Take a picture!! No Advil yet as the doc is rather worried about my continual upset tummy. More worried than I am about it, obviously. I figure the cells in my intestines are rather peeved at me right now from the chemo. I would be too, if I were them :)

Love my docs but boy, do they worry!!

Maryland plays Wakeforest tonight in a very important game to possibly (pray!) get into the NCAA tourney. Please everyone, for me, wear RED today for good karma :)

Love ya!

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