Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Neverending Cold...and bronchitis

Billy is sick with a nasty cold. He's coughing like crazy, has been all day. When I think back to when we all first started passing colds around, I find it pretty damn humorous that my wonderful husband went on quarantine for a week to keep me from getting sick. Hah! Didn't work with the little germ factory I have running around the house.

Jackie has bronchitis. She's pretty messed up and this appears to be an offshoot from her walking pneumonia from a month ago. She's on another round of antibiotics. The cough this time isn't as painful - she cried every time she coughed before. This is more of a sloppy cough. Jackie was an absolute champ at the Doc's office this morning.

I am enjoying my radiaton break this weekend. I'm more of a home body than just about anyone else I know. I don't like running errands or chugging all over the place just to be busy (or even to get stuff done). This rushing to grab Stef from school then bee-lining to radiaton sucks. I think I'm going to reschedule it to earlier on the days that I have just Steffie.

Am sore, am swelling. My doctor is a good guy. He thinks some of this is because I got my implants filled just a few weeks ago. He suggested that I get a washcloth as cold as possible and place it over my chest for 5 minutes. Oh yea, sure, it's freaking FREEZING! I figured out a way around this. I get into the shower, get warm, then make the washcloth cold in the sink. I let out a screech but at least the back half of me stays warm :o)

We might have some measurable snow tomorrow. I want my kids to be able to sled. Hell, I might even sled with them.

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