Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MD lost tonight...

..and Jamie Luckie, the ref from hell, was true to form. He must've been born in North Carolina or something. Please explain a 2 to 17 foul discrepancy. 2...that's not a typo! He missed a technical on Wake, called a foul on us when a Wake player tripped on his own feet. Even the Wake faithful are saying it was a terrible call. It was a game momentum changing call and Jamie Luckie was completely at fault.

This wasn't a must-win game but it would've been a great win for our resume.

I hope Jamie Luckie gets gross indigestion when he has breakfast in the morning. He cannot retire fast enough. I hope his dentures fall into the toilet and that the soles of his shoes wear out while he's here in Maryland and he steps in a pile of cold snow. No, make that ice. And I hope his socks get wet too.


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