Monday, March 9, 2009

Resting the arm again

Not writing today but instead, resting my arm and keeping mom company during chemo. Jackie and I will be her personal assistants.

Maybe some would be appalled at me taking my girl to see my mom at chemo. I feel it's an important part of her learning and understanding how to be compassionate. We've told her that mommy and Mimi have inside boo boos that need special medication (medis is what Jackie calls it). She knows that it gets put into the port and that we feel icky for about a week. She's a gentle thing and simply snuggles close.

In fact, every time I had chemo and was just splayed out on the sofa, she'd tuck up next to me and place her hand on my head, back or shoulder. Just like a little kitty snuggling her mommy cat.

Anyway, back to Jackie going to chemo. We've tailored down our explanations to compensate for her age and of course, she hasn't seen my chest. She knows that Mommy has been very sick. I don't think she registers the seriousness of it but that's fine. Steffie seems to have put that out of her mind. For that, I'm glad. No kid should have to be consumed with worrying about whether Mommy is going to live or die. Steffie asked to see my incisions and helped me immensely right after surgery. She's a tough cookie, my kid. I pray Jackie is the same way.

Off to make lunch for Mom.


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Armand said...

It sounds like you've got great kids :)

I would tend to agree that exposing your children to this stuff is a good idea. You're right, it's a very potent lesson in compassion and humanity.