Sunday, January 4, 2009

Out of the rabbit hole

Whew, it's been rough. That cumulative thing they say about chemo? It's very true. I've been in my hole since last year (he he he!) Really, since last Wednesday and I just started feeling like me this morning at 8 a.m. (It's now 8:29.) I wonder what I'll do with my day if I don't sleep it away?

More side effects this time. Heart pounding, breathlessness, the works. And a headache from the Zofran that I get in the IV. It wasn't really bad like the first one just persistent. Still haven't tapped into my oxycodone store. Who needs to lose oneself even more? It's not like I was sleeping a good sleep. It's a very bizarre surface sleeping where I have these long drawn out conversations with people I don't see very much. Intricate dreams with lots of details. Not restful sleep at all. But I do think I might have slept for 3-4 hours last night. This is good because exhaustion just doesn't work with chemo.

Did the anti-nausea pills for 3 1/2 days again. Those things work like a charm. Except everything stops working. I was quite proud of myself doing the same thing as last time. I tell ya, half the battle is remembering what I've done 10 minutes earlier. Even a checklist gets me all screwed up.

It's Sunday. Wow! Talk about so many days passing. Chemo was Tuesday. Amazing how time flies when you feel like crap :)

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Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Hi Sharon
In that rabbit hole with you although time seems to have slowed down for me. I am really hoping that a week out from chemo, I will start to feel better. Zofran does seem to deal with the nausea but increases the sleepiness. I am choosing sleepiness.Fortunately no headache this time.