Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chemo 5/6 + Mom Start of Round 2 Chemo

Heading down the home stretch here. I figured out about a week ago that one session of chemo at the fusion ward costs over $6K. I wonder if that includes all the meds? Who knows. I guess I can ask my insurance company for an accounting after this is all done. So many years of paying premiums with no problems. Guess I'm getting even, huh?

I'm making my lunch and taking it today. The hospital food just has a terrible connotation with me and I get so nauseated eating it. PB&J today with clementine oranges. You can bet when I get my doggie after this whole thing is over, I'm naming her Clementine. Those things have been my saving grace, especially when I need to nibble every 3 hours in the days after chemo. TIP OF THE DAY!

Bill and Jackie are both sick so Bill's at home with the baby today. Dad is going with me. A dear friend, Sylvia, is coming up to stay with my Mom (she had chemo yesterday). She's still kicking butt and taking names - no Neulasta shots just a B12 shot. She'll have one other session, then a PET to get a bead on the shrinkage of all tumors. Then she'll have 2 more sessions. She's still wonder woman. If you recall from my earlier post, she's had such measurable decreases in some places the report stated the lymph node area was completely resolved. The power of prayer. What a wonderful thing.

Steroids are evil. I sweated my way through the night. Just 2 doses and off it went. That's one particular thing heading the list of things I won't be missing about this whole mess. I know they are necessary but boy, do they make me miserable. Then I get some more in my IV today - OH JOY!

We had a serious scare with our old kitty, Maui. She started leaking urine and wetting in various places 3 days ago. We confined her and monitored her in addition to giving her some anitbiotics. She was exposed to poisoned pet food in March 2007 and is the only surviving kitty of 3. She's rallied big time and is out of confinement. Kidney failure in a cat is a painful thing to see. They go downhill so quickly with the inevitable visit to the vet to ease their pain. At least for right now, she's with me. And she's back to being sassy. She's particularly mad at O'Malley (orange tabby in the front page pic) because he thumped her on the head when she was sick. He's back to being nice, wretched orange kitty that he is. Clyde waited outside the door until we would let him in for a snuggle with Maui. He's a doll.

I couldn't find Clyde yesterday anywhere in the house. I checked every room and finally found the fuzzball under the covers of Katie's made bed. This is his new thing. I just need to file that away so I don't panic next time I can't find him. And I need to remember that it's not like he doesn't have the world at his feet in this house. He has very little desire to go outside :) Wonder why?

Have a good day everyone!

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