Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...


Today was a rough day. Not because it was my birthday but because I spent a good deal of it with terrible stomach cramps. The lovely intestinal issues of chemo visited me for almost all of today. Luckily I was ok enough for my pizza dinner tonight.

I had to call Bill home today cause I felt so badly. I cannot watch Jackie when it's like this. It was pretty depressing and I had a meltdown. I just am tired of being so dependent and helpless. It's like being a marionette for weeks at a time. It's so bad this time that I don't even have my balance back yet. Almost a week and I'm wobbly.

My taste buds have officially dropped off the chart. Peanut butter tastes like cardboard. So does everything else. Except my mint gum. Forget coffee. My morning tea is just a ritual for principles sake. I sure can't taste it too much. The canned cat food still stinks to high heaven though...

Clementine's still taste good though. Mom finally got some and she's officially on the Clementine bandwagon :)

We might be getting some ice tonight - first "something" to fall from the sky other than rain. Maryland usually has nasty weather in the winter. Very odd to reach my birthday with no measurable snow.

Jackie turns the big 4 on the 10th. She was so funny today - she thought Mommy was going to do a moon bounce party for my birthday. I didn't have the heart to tell her just walking around feels like a moon bounce :0)


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Happy Birthday!
I've been sucking up those clementines too. You would think they would irritate my mouth and stomach but no, they taste good. Steve had gotten me tangerines by mistake but fortunately later found the precious clementines.Are you taking Neulasta for the white blood cells?
Kids expect their moms to be able to handle anything. My youngest just doesn't want to believe anything is wrong with me. She is 17 but a good part of her is much younger.
When they postpone the chemo, is it just for a few days or do they wait for an entire cycle? It must be frustrating not to get this over with as soon as possible. I am still kicking myself for not starting 2 weeks earlier but I guess I would be feeling even crummier at this moment.
Hope the antibiotics deal with whatever is ailing you.

Renee said...

Happy belated birthday!!

What a way to spend it, though. Here's believing with you that next year will be the best!