Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Normal is great and so is Mom

I did normal today. Lots of normal house and writing stuff. It calmed my nerves quite a bit. You'd think after 3 chemos I wouldn't get so nervous but I surely do. It's like being up high - I hate heights. I can barely breathe at times I get so scared.

I talked to my healthcare assigned nurse today for almost an hour. She wanted all the nitty gritty on treatment, my hair, my family, and my side effects. We got into an at-length discussion about my lymphedema. She thinks that I need a compression sleeve and PT with a lymphedema specialist. There's a therapy center near the hospital, close by! And she also thinks the nurse will train Bill in simple lymphatic massage to help with the drainage. She also said, unequivocably, that I shouldn't have to even consider right now feeling pain in my right arm for swelling.

I still have writing to do so this post will be short. Laundry is done, house is picked up and my head is screwed on straight again.

Mom had chemo today and everything went well. She's probably sleepy but she went out to dinner with Dad and some friends tonight. Her dear friend Pat (Hi PAT!!! I love you!) went to chemo with her for a second time. What a wonderful support system. More family than friends!

O'Malley has decided he likes boxing with the Christmas tree that is tipped over on it's side cause the stand broke. He stands up on his hind legs, just like a squirrel. O'Malley is the handsome orange kitty in the picture to the right who has somehow fooled me into thinking he's the only well-behaved kitty in the house!

Outta here! Ciao for now!

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