Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chemo 4 - SeeYA!

4/6 done. I slept through the entire infusion - thank you IV dose of Ativan. My nurses are the best. It took a long time today - I guess the pharmacy that gets the chemo drugs was seriously busy. I was there from 9:30 until 4ish. What a long haul.

But, I had time to relax and while I'm still so tired, I'm proud of myself for doing another round. 2 more to go. There's no way to do these treatments except to the fullest extent and full bore. Thinking too much about the pure poison going into my body freaks me out so I don't think about that at all.

The only thing I can equate the feeling after chemo to is the worst imaginable hangover. It's brutal - mostly minus the headache. Like a wet rag feeling. And a feeling of "I don't care about the dishes, cats, food, etc. cause I'm too tired." It's like being a lazy bum. As Bill said today, my job is to try to be as well as possible and focus on me. He's a gem!

I've only gained 3 pounds since chemo started despite the steroids. I'm also still ovulating so we'll see that happens towards the end of this week. I've got some super powered hormones to withstand chemo. Periods are still like clockwork. It's shocking the docs and nurses. Chemo and cramps aren't fun though. My nurse explained that anything my body chooses to do normally is the best thing for my body. Typically, premenopausal patients have to get sterility tests after finishing treatments. Guess we'll have to see about that.

Made my appointment for the radiation specialist today. I'll be seeing him on the 16th and the clear margin issue will be addressed again. Radiation is planned for 6 1/2 weeks. Its standard practice now when 1 or more lymph nodes are involved. I had 2.

Bill's Mom is coming Sunday - YAY! I am so lucky for Sue. Love her!

Jackie made a gingerbread house today in preschool using a small cardboard milk containter. She was so excited to get to school today. She came downstairs and hugged her container throughout getting ready and then for the whole trip in the car. She also made me a beautiful get well card. Thank God my baby is handling all this so well. She does like to steal my hats though...little monster!

We're making Advent chains tonight. It's time to really teach my Jackie about the true meaning of the holiday. Steffie was such an easy child - she's got built in compassion. Jackie is like a 40 pound wrecking ball. But she's starting to use reason so I think we'll be having a talk about baby Jesus. Hope it goes better than it did last year :)

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Anonymous said...

You should be proud - keep on truckin'. K