Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Look Good...Feel Better

Mom and I went to this wonderful program today held at the hospital. Look Good, Feel Better is this seminar held by the American Cancer Society and a number of companies that provide cosmetics for cancer patients. We had a great time.

We did makeup with the help of a cosmetologist from the cleanser on up. I highly recommend this program for anyone undergoing chemo. At first, I was skeptical and simply going cause Mom wanted me to but I really had a good time. I'm a lotion and mascara and go type person. Not really foundation and other stuff. But lo and behold, I learned about hiding some of the effects of chemo - like the puffy eyes and dark circles. With tips that really work. What a surprise.

There is a website you can visit if you're interested at www.lookgoodfeelbetter.org. The seminar was run through our local hospital so I'm gonna be giving a big shout out to the lovely ladies who did our seminar today - Gwen, Peggy 1 and Peggy 2. Just a great and supportive bunch of gals. Of course, Gwen knows Mom and I from chemo in the fusion ward there and she spoiled us rotten (as did our nurses from the fusion ward).

Please look into this if you can if for nothing else, it's a great break and a treat at the same time. The kits they provide are loaded with goodies from companies like Lancome and Clinique, tailored to our own skin tones. I had a good time putting some makeup on Mom :)

My platelets are up so I'm on for Chemo 4 on Thursday. I've been nauseated since early afternoon and I don't know if it's because I'm nervous or from my cold. I am dreading chemo, just dreading it. My positive attitude seems to have gone right out the window along with my energy. I've had alot of on and off crying jags this week. Facing your mortality over and over at age 40 is so hard.

I'm not into the Zoom mode I was in before my previous chemos. I'm doing laundry and maybe I'll have all my ducks in a row before Thursday, or maybe not. I'm really tired. Could be from my busy day. My wonderful cleaning ladies come in on Thursday and Blanca and Dannie always fix me up good. I'm so tired that I may just let them fix it all for me.

Steffie scored seriously on the Science Fair. She was top 5 in her 6th grade class. What a coup! I'm very proud of her for doing so well when I was feeling so very poorly.

I did write 10 articles yesterday so that might be why I'm sleepy. Who knows. I have a few more to do tomorrow so I hope I sleep tonight.

I've noticed that my sleep caps don't stay on at night. They other morning, I woke up with my nightie pulled over my head like a hood :) This morning, I woke up with a blanket over my head. Bill thinks I'm crazy! Gotta laugh when I can. And today, my nurse sent down some soft knitted caps to the seminar, one of which just might stay on my head at night!

Found out that I can't be scooping kitty boxes while on chemo (gotta remember to tell Bill that). Toxoplasmosis is just as dangerous for chemo patients as it is during pregnancy. Whew - got outta that job!

This post is all over the place.

Sue, I'm praying for you that you handle your first session well. Renee - my west coast chemo partner - it's your last session, doll and you're doing great! Prayers are said and more to come for your Vic. Kathy - vacations exhaust even totally healthy folks so keep your chin up!

Mom, you're kicking chemo and cancer butt and taking names! Keep it up!! Love you!!!!!

Be well everyone.


Anonymous said...

My Darling Daughter:

You are absolutely wonderful!

Hang on to your positive attitude -- it will get you thru this.

As far as facing your own mortality goes -- you took care of that with your surgery. The cancer is GONE!
The chemo is making sure of that.

We all face our own mortality every day when we get up in the morning.
Then we think, "By God, I'm gonna make it thru this day."

Dad and I love you more than we can ever say.

Your loving Mom,

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thanks Kathy for the good first day chemo vibes. So far so good except for a headache which I think is steroid induced.
I can't believe you wrote 10 articles-no chemo brain for you.
I will see about the looking good program. Locals have said it is good. I am quite make-up naive. I make sure my lips aren't their natural white selves and that people can actually see my long, yet blond lashes but I skip all that foundation stuff. Usually I have a healthy glow from running but that may pass as chemo wears down.

Anonymous said...

Eyeliner and eyebrow pencil can work absolute miracles, I tell you. Keep on truckin'.