Sunday, November 30, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

...please don't let Clyde knock you over!!!!!!!!!

The Christmas tree is up. With lights. Colored ones that flash per Jackie's request. We aren't putting any ornaments on for a few days because we're rather worried that Clyde will think he's a jungle kitty and climb the tree. It's secured to the wall to prevent it from toppling over.

Jackie's ficus tree also has lights on it. Last year, she decided all her presents needed to go under a separate tree. She even moved ornaments onto the ficus. I had to use colored lights too. And they had to flash just like the big tree. Such a bossy Miss!

Here's a picture of bad Clyde kitty, who right now is so exhausted from helping us that he can't lift his fuzzy head off the floor.

Clyde...tucked into the princess bed for his nap!

I wonder if Santa is going to bring Clyde a present this year?

I talked Jackie into taking some of her toys into the basement after I explained that Santa might think we had too many toys already. She happily stuffed things into a plastic trash bag to transport them downstairs :) She actually tried to help me vacuum too. What a doll!

We both still have our colds and I really am wondering if my platelets will be up enough to have chemo this week. This thing just doesn't want to budge. Dad has the cold now and he said today that he thinks Mom had it too. She has stopped coughing which is making all of us very happy (but especially Dad, because he lives with her!)

This weekend was an absolutely terrible sports weekend for us. Maryland football - blah. Redskins - blah and finally, Maryland basketball against Georgetown (hate 'em) - blah!

Outta here.


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