Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby Jesus and Advent Chains

Jackie took some talking to about Baby Jesus. And the Advent Chains ended up causing a screaming match because she had to race Steffie gluing her loops together. With chemo, the hollering just all seems like nails down a chalkboard. But after 1 trip up to her room for timeout, we managed to get Jackie's chain done. Steffie cheated by breaking out the stapler.

We also made a huge Advent Chain for the Christmas tree. I cut out daily inspirations and Steffie alternated these white pieces with red and green. It's just beautiful. We needed something to have for daily activities. But also, we also need to fill up the holes on the tree from where we cannot put the glass bulbs this year. O'Malley is still boxing with the branches and Clyde is ignoring it totally. I know that will change when the ornaments are put on :) Those will go on tonight or tomorrow, after Bill gets the replacement stand today.

I also made a few smaller chains for Jackie's ficus Christmas tree. She wants her own, for some reason so it's got a strand of lights and now two paper garlands. Silly miss. It really does look very cute!

I'm missing my Christmas decorations. I decided not to put anything out but I might change my mind. Bill has gotten me some of the most gorgeous but simple glass ornament balls and candles. And a light up snowman that I'm missing. I'll think about it. Stef and Bill are planning to do the outside this weekend. Eddie the skeleton is still hanging out in the front yard on the tree stump. We need to bring him inside and put his Santa hat on! AT least it will be easy for them - just unplug the orange lights and install the white ones - the plugs are all still there!

Back to baby Jesus. I started my story with explaining why we do Advent, that it's a time of thinking about why we celebrate Christmas. This launched into the question, "Does Santa like Baby Jesus?" and it went down hill from there. I did try to break up this explanation with more information on Jesus, who I told her later grew up to be a big person like Daddy. Then she fixated on Jesus being a big person like Daddy for awhile. Finally, after seriously considering the roll of duct tape in the garage, I got her to get the gist of Jesus' message. Then I quizzed her a bedtime. She did retain all of it and she remember that Jesus' birthday is Christmas. Yay!!

We're also going to start the "giving" this Christmas. Steffie's school is extremely active with Shepherd's Table charities in Rockville and with an Catholic unwed mother's home too. They've all put in requests for items so I'm gonna let Jackie go shopping for some things for the babies. She'll love that but I think I might keep her away from the toys and more in the bibs, blankets, baby stuff aisles. Less screaming, yes?

All in all, it was a good night, despite the set backs. Noise just reverberates in the few days after chemo - it must be the steroids. My face is red as a beet and feels hot. Eyes are puffy - no sleep last night. There just isn't any way to sleep comfortably with my right side being so swollen. If I lay on that arm, it puffs up like a balloon.

Why am I awake? I've been awake since 5:15. Not comfy in the tummy department and I had a headache. So I'm typing, go figure?

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Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thanks for all the good words you've given me in the last few days as I do my first chemo. Oh do I wish I were finished. You seem to be able to handle so much despite it and that gives me hope. For some strange reason I haven't lost my appetite yet-I am ravenous and I am not on the steroids so I am going to have to be careful.