Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving & a Mom Update

Turkey Day was a good one. There's a reason this is my favorite holiday. Such a joyful time without the press of presents and rushing here and there. We had a wonderful time at Michelle and Joe's home. My niece and Jackie (5 and almost 4 respectively) were like 2 peas in a pod. Jackie asked me all day yesterday when we were going back to Uncle Joey's house. On the way home, we stopped at Bill's stepsister's house for more visiting. These are folks who haven't heard from me in person so it was good to see everyone and let them know we're all okay. Bill's dad and stepmom look great. All around, just a great day.

We've all decided to do a white elephant thing from Christmas since all of us are perfectly capable of buying whatever we might want or need. So we'll make Christmas fun and silly this year. We're even including the kids in the picking. Jackie will probably scream like a banshee when someone tries to steal her present.

I crashed yesterday. I guess Thanksgiving was a little too much for me (plus my cold). I took at least a 3 hour nap at 11:30. No big deal, because Friday was a bonus day with Bill home from work. We watched football and basketball.

Jackie seems to have the runny nose part of this cold back. I popped her into the shower for some steaming last night. Kids are so funny. Despite feeling like crap, she still wants to play hard. We played multiple games of Go Fish yesterday. It's amazing how she wins so much (without my help). Her skill at Uno is almost frightening! She thumps me every single time and I'm the one who benefits when she puts her cards face up because she can't hold them all in her hand :) Maybe I should have her pick some Lotto numbers for me!

Mom is doing really well. She had some coughing going on and her Doctor was worried about pnemonia. A chest X-ray showed that wasn't the case. However, her coughing is bad for weak lungs so she's on a good cough syrup with coedine in it. The coughing has stopped, even when she isn't taking the medicine. She's getting some sleep and putting up Christmas decorations. Mom has her third chemo on Weds. Then she'll visit her Doc and have a PET scan to check progress the following week. She still has a full head of hair but she has noticed the texture is changing. No itching or burning so maybe she'll keep her hair. I hope so.

We're supposed to go to that beauty class that's put on by some cancer group on Tuesday. Looking forward to that. My eyelashes are thinner on the left side so I don't know if I'm losing them or if it's just the normal thinning. I can tell my face is swelling from the steroids. Nasty things, steroids. I cannot wait until I can chuck the bottle out the front door.

Still have my cold. It's hanging on but then, it hasn't been a full week yet. I feel a little better every day so maybe it'll be gone by chemo 4.

I've got writing to do so I'm checking out here. Be well everyone.

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