Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coagulants are low

Not good but what's a body to do?

WBC and RBC counts are fine. But those platelets are being rather ornery and are in the 110's. If they go below 100, no chemo for me next week.

This has nothing to do with my cold but rather the cumulative affects of the chemo. I guess it's a good sign in some ways that it's bashing the heck out of my system. Good gets bashed with the bad. At least something is happening. This is all so confusing.

My visit to the Doc this morning was for a checkup too with the cold. Benadryl and cough drops. Neti pot to clear my head. My chest is clear. I do feel better today. Yesterday was bad.

I'm definitely using less tissue today than yesterday :)

Our anniversary is tomorrow. I bawled my eyes out on the phone with Bill yesterday cause I was being a big baby and feeling so bad. I get really mad when I have a cold at Thanksgiving for 2 reasons: the anniversary and the yummy food being all messed up. It just sucks. But I do think I'll be feeling better enough to go out to dinner.

If I didn't fall apart occassionally, I would be worried. I'm totally allowed to be a drama queen on occasion.

The vein that Walter has been hitting week after week finally bought the farm this morning. He moved to the right, in the center of my left arm for my blood draw this morning. They can do blood draws out of the mediport but typically choose not to so they don't introduce an infection. I cannot imagine what happens when a chemo mediport becomes infected. The thought makes me shudder.

Enough for now. Going to do work or sleep - I can't decide which.

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