Monday, November 24, 2008

Still Stuffy and Grumpy

How am I supposed to be a princess if I feel like this?


Still stuffed up here and I had a ferocious headache all day (thank you low pressure system that extends from Canada down to Georgia). For all of you who haven't experienced chemo, patients aren't allowed to take painkillers such as Advil or Tylenol that might mask a fever. So pain relief comes in the form of a heavy duty painkiller such as Oxycodone, or not at all. Oxy isn't an option while watching children.

Or slamming one's toe in the door so the toe hurts more than the head.

Today's been slow. Trying to write but my head isn't in it. Went to the grocery to get Jackie's cookies for her party tomorrow - big mistake. The grocery is a truly scary place in the days leading up to Turkey Day.

I did get a card and some goodies for Steffie. She's going to Michigan to see her Aunt and I wanted her to have something from Mommy. She loves my goody bags but she especially likes to know she's on my mind when she's not with me. Spoiled rotten, she is...but she's a great kid.

Here's something to keep you occupied - the impossible quiz. Try that with "chemo brain!" LOL Not!


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Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I'm learning so much from your stay in chemoland. So if you have a cold, no NSAIDs. I wish there was a way to put us in hibernation-just wake us up when it is over. I did appreciate your food tips the other day. It is hard to know ahead of time what will appeal to me. Please hang in there.