Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mom Update

Here's a Wonder Woman Update...and she really is because this tough lady didn't even need a Neulasta shot for her first round of chemo.

Mom had her blood counted for the second time since her chemo treatment 2 weeks ago. She is kicking butt here! Her counts are up and as stated above, she didn't need a Neulasta shot. Way to go Mom!!!

She's very tired but then, chemo knocks you out. But Mom is coming out of it and seems to be enjoying her increased energy. We are seeing great improvements in her health already. Her coughing from the COPD has decreased dramatically. This is a direct result of the chemo (and obviously, a result of the chemo attacking the cancer in her lungs). Her doctor (and mine too) is so positive with her treatment. We sorely needed some good news.

I was worried because of her fatigue but I'm not so much now. There's a rhythm to her days now since her treatment started and that's the best thing for her. I do wish she'd do her Richard Simmons exercise video - yes, I said Richard Simmons. She loved this video for exercising in the past. Muscle mass, exercise, and keeping the bones strong is so very important when taking chemo. I even offered to be on the speaker phone with her.

I told her today that she needs to switch her TV to a XM oldies station and just dance around the kitchen with the dogs and cats. I did this a few weeks ago with Clyde the cat (the fluffball in the above right picture). It lifts the spirit and it's good for the heart.

She's gonna be Wonder Woman next year for Halloween - she just doesn't know it yet!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh with your Richard Simmons comment. Take care my friend,