Friday, November 7, 2008

I survived High School Musical 3

I really did.

I decided that Steffie, Jackie and I were going to celebrate report card day today with a movie after school. Forget whether the report was good. We got through one semester without failing and we had something to celebrate. When I got there, she had already cooked up an idea to get ice cream with a friend. So I coaxed the friend into coming with us to see HSM3.

It almost broke my wallet! Each kid cost $7 and I cost $8. Forty dollars later at the concession stand because every kid had to have their own candy, drink and popcorn, and of course, the bigger girls wanted ice cream. Oops! I forgot the $9 for parking. Boom! My wallet was in tears!

But the movie was great. I was really wondering how Disney would tie everything together to end the HSM trilogy. They did a good job. It just amazes me that these guys come up with such new and innovative ways to choreograph these movies. There was one dance scene in a junk yard that was simply amazing. It's also pretty cool to the see the progression of the actors into true dancers.

The whole story line was kinda hokie but then lots of things about high school are hokie. Having just went through the drama of leaving friends and going to college with our oldest, I could relate to a lot of it. It's high drama (God help me with my 2 remaining drama queens!!)

Stef and her friend really enjoyed the movie. Jackie kept hopping out of her chair to dance to the songs. She fidgeted alot but then she's only 3. It's to be expected. Jackie calls the movie theater the "big TV." She's only seen 2 big TV movies in her life - one with my brother the day I had my double mastectomy.

So Jackie's got plans to go see Madagascar 2 sometime soon. Daddy and Stef both want to see it also. After seeing the trailers in the theater, I confess I want to see it to. The kids interrupt me so much at home that I almost need to go see a movie to catch a story line, even a rather limited one like HSM3.

I called Poppa and he sounded almost disappointed that he was at some Marine Corps thing this afternoon and couldn't go with us :) Bless him, he's even sat through watching Camp Rock with Steffie. My Uncle loves to watch Hannah Montana with the girls. He remembers Billy Ray Cyrus singing Achey Breaky Heart :) Their patience for all the "chickies" in their lives in endless.

Needless to say, none of us are hungry at all and it's 9 p.m. What was for dinner?


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