Thursday, November 6, 2008

Food and such...

Thought I would do a post on food. Food becomes an obsession when having chemo because things just don't taste too good. I don't know if this is because I'm on 3 drugs at once (Taxotere, Adriamycin, and Cytoxin) or what. But stuff tastes and smells awful at times, even 2 weeks after treatment.

However, there are some yummy things that do appeal to me right now. Topping the list is pancakes. My poor husband and kids have had a lot of pancakes the last few weeks. Jackie loves them as long the cakes are shaped like a mouse. These things taste really good. Don't know why but there it is.

Pepperidge Farm raisin and spice bread. Little bit of butter and yum! I was fixated on regular Pepperidge farm bread during my first chemo cause the pieces were so small. Both are great for settling the tummy.

Melba toast. Enough said.

Bill's chicken stew. Sorry, I can't share with you but I can share the recipe. Just ask. It freezes really well too.

Yolk broke eggs - this is a fried egg with a broken yolk. Forget scrambled or runny eggs - that's enough to make me gag.

Forget coffee, cocoa, or tea. Even juice. I just drink water. My drinking life is pretty boring ;) I did have orange juice on Tuesday - that was a real major event!

My tongue really bothered my this time around. It felt raw. Brushing my teeth with even Sensodyne toothpaste was painful. That might be why the pancakes were so good. Just bland and basic.

I still owe everyone a coffee rant. I might do a red meat rant too because right now, beef is really grossing me out. Just the thought of a steak (and I loved steak before chemo) just makes me want to hurl.

Chicken works though. Haven't tried pork yet. I'm not anemic so I think I'm doing okay eating despite my love of pancakes and toast. And apples. And bananas and grapes. Carrots are good too, sometimes.

Oh yea, my arm is still swollen. Feet are swelling a little too. I just can't sit still too much though because I feel better when I'm moving around. Walked the treadmill yesterday and I'll be doing it again today. I'm about 36 hours into the antibiotics and not seeing a difference. I think I remember seeing somewhere that activity helps swelling so I'm gonna start doing my after-surgery arm exercises again. My right hand doesn't seem to like typing too much - it's making a lot of typos :)

Have a good day everyone!!!!

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Renee said...

I am so obsessed about food the first week of chemo. Each treatment has had different cravings and different taste buds working. It's so weird.

#3 is next Thursday and my last is Dec 4 if all goes well. I need to think about radiation . . . not sure I want to do it. But I'll think about that when the time comes. Denial is so nice.