Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hmph! I has my usual Tuesday morning blood draw. Dropped the girls off at school and went to the see the Doc. My right arm is a little swollen. Enough to feel a pinching under my arm and around my wrist. Fingers are a little puffy too.

So I mention it to the nurse and she checks me out. And off I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get sent immediately to a Doppler sonogram specialist to check my right arm for blood clots. None were found but then I had to go back to the Doc's office for a check up by the real Doc this time.

This feels like the lymphedema that I had right after surgery. All the way into my shoulder blade. And I really don't know why it's acting up now. Wait a minute...could it be the leaf blower? Or maybe the 10 loads of laundry? Grocery shopping? Decorating for the birthday party on Sat? I have no idea. I'm thinking it's a combination of way too much movement in my right arm.

So the Doc decides it's better to be really paranoid than not and puts me on Keflex. His reason is simple - I had my arm drained 2 times after surgery and an infection could have been introduced at that point.

I'm rather annoyed.

I need my right arm and pretty soon, I'm going to have to shove an ice pack under it to stop the pain. Plus it's tingling and having these lovely shooting pains that are making it ache. Argh!

But I managed to vote. With a tissue covering my finger so I wouldn't get gooed up from other people's germs. It's really quite gross when you think about how nasty people are with their nose wiping and coughing :) I don't touch the pen in the Docs office and I sure wasn't touching the pen at the polling place. Yuck!

Can you tell I'm grumpy?

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