Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grand aspirations

Yesterday was a doozie of a day. I managed to watch Jackie and complete 8 articles. My goal of 20 before I do chemo this week might be a tall order but I think I can do it. I sold two of my original 5 fitness articles. That always makes me happy. There's always a chance of picking up a contract if someone likes your work.

I'm really focused right now and lo and behold, I can see the computer screen!! I even picked Steffie up from school yesterday (Yay me!!) I need to locate a few new books to keep me occupied in small increments when I have chemo. Add that to my list of stuff to do!

I am having grand aspirations here. I know I'm going to be under the weather for a week so I want my household ducks in a row. Laundry, spot cleaning the carpets, some cobwebs and dusting the baseboards and woodwork. I'm not letting things fall to the wayside but rather doing them as busy work when I can. I like a shipshape house despite my kids and husband :) and cats thwarting me at every turn.

Washed all the winter jackets this weekend, tackled the throw pillows too and I didn't ruin them! What a shock that was. I have just regular laundry to do now and frankly, I hate laundry. A while ago, I even wrote an article bashing laundry to shreds. It was fun.

I'm scared to death of chemo this week. I'm so worried about the headache. I can't even eat that much right now I'm so nervous. My nurse told me again today that she thinks it was the anti-nausea drugs adding to the mix. I'm praying for this to cut me some slack this time.

Ok, enough blogging. I have paying jobs to write.

Fingers crossed for more sales, yes???

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Anonymous said...

You're a fighter. Each chemo is one step closer to your goal.