Sunday, October 19, 2008

Writing for a living

My fondest wish my entire life has been to make my living being a writer. I've realized that dream just this year. So in many ways, 2008 has been the best and the worst of the years of my life.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer stumped my creativity initially. Throw in soreness from surgery, generally feeling poorly, and then chemo/drug side effects and you've got a rather scatter-brained writer. However, I will say I've been feeling so much better in this chemo down-time that I'm writing again with a vengeance.

I'm up to 9 fitness articles just this week alone. And another Halloween article. I've got 20 more planned before my Thursday chemo session. How's that for having a delusions of grandeur?

And one more thing. I started my book just tonight. Yes, it's about breast cancer and it's about dealing with it. I hope to fill a niche, to address the cliches, to strike someone...somewhere...with my own particular brand of wit and humor. If I can make just one person's burden a little easier, I will consider the book a success.

I want to title it "This is taking togetherness a little too far" and address what my family is going through. Me with breast cancer, Mom with lung cancer - all at the same time. Cancer has hit 2 back to back generations 3 times in less than 5 years. There's gotta be something unique topic wise in that. But right now, I'm immersed in being angry and in reliving the time up to now. I imagine the "lightbulb" will click on at some point on how to incorporate the whole story.

Why am I writing? Because it's what I do. It's therapeutic. This blog is wonderful. It allows me to vent, to throw out a little coping tidbit to hopefully help some other Mom who's mired in this nightmare. I can scream virtually at the injustice of it all. It's better than oxycodone. I'm hoping my book will be just the same.

So I write. For money sometimes. For sanity at other times.

I'm just so very thankful that I can.

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