Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm a firm believer in taking care of my skin. I guess at this point, that's a bonus in my favor as I sit here waiting for breast reconstruction magic to be performed by my plastic surgeon.

Hey, I never said my breast cancer blog wouldn't include some tips for women who don't have bc!

I'm a big fan of lotion. Preferably baby lotion. It's mild, it's not sticky, and it's cheap. I use a lot of it on me and my girls. Every day and night without fail. And this diligence will pay off ten-fold with soft and pliable skin during my reconstruction. Sounds dumb but I'm taking the positives wherever I can find them.

Lotion is good stuff. I like eye creams too and I've been using them for years. My dear departed Grandpa told me many years ago that he always found the hot ladies cause he had so few wrinkles. Sunglasses and eye cream. Boy was he right! I listened to that advice given to me by this man in his early 80's who was still hot on the dating trail up to the very day he passed away in 1996.

Grandpa's good advice has paid off. I've got very few wrinkles, if any. Just laugh lines. That's it. SPF facial lotion every day, without fail. Grandpa was right. Good thing I applied this concept to the rest of me. It possibly just might improve my healing and scarring.

Water - I need to drink more of that in the next week and really be hydrated before my surgery. I've been thinking about the nutrition side of this and how best to get myself geared up diet wise for chemo. But these things flit in and out of my brain so fast, just like the thoughts on my skin. That's why I'm blogging it, I guess.

I'm actually writing today, which is good. A few paying articles with little research. Feels good. And I'm trying not to push myself too much so I don't wear my brain out. I've got so much on my mind that I don't want to go on overload again. The tears have only come twice today, again right now because I'm writing about it.

I need a box of internet tissues.

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