Monday, August 18, 2008

Jackie's Flowers

Jackie planted these seeds at the beginning of the summer. Being just 3, she's astonished that flowers have shown up on the spindly stems of her zinnias. Jackie exclaims every time she sees them, "Oh My Gosh!" It's pretty cute, but then she's a drama queen.

Jackie planted these flower seeds after I swiped her Dad's precious zinnia annual packs to fill a plant pot. She said she was planting some for Daddy for his birthday. We watered them carefully, watched them grow every day and have babied them through the hot summer. What an incredible first effort on her part.

She loves the fact that the butterflies come to eat at her flowers although she doesn't really understand why. Jackie is simply thrilled and wants to plant seeds all the time.

The truly astounding fact is that some of these plants are almost 5 feet tall. I've never seen homegrown plants from seeds grow so well. There's just got to be something akin to steroids in the Miracle Grow :)

A little inspiration amidst the madness. 3 days to go and I'm visiting our parish Priest today, as is Steffie. Looking forward to it. Even though it seems I can handle the breast cancer, I want his guidance to help me walk with grace through this, to help my children and husband cope, and to still be a good Mom to my kids. A little blessing never hurt.

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