Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Plastic Surgeon Visit and Vitamin D

Good visit with Dr. S. He didn't much care for my flat left implant and decided he's going to give me "new boobies in time for Christmas." Pretty cool deal. The additional good deal is that he plans to remove some of the scar tissue that has built up around the left side as a result of surgery, radiation and the improper alignment of the planets. This is good because there is a constant pressure on the right side of my chest. Adding a boob to that has me a little worried in the comfort department.

I did some research into Vitamin D. Turns out this neat little vitamin plays a rather large role in the prevention of all kinds of nasties. Vitamin D also, and this is extremely important for women taking Tamoxifen, it increases the effectiveness of the drug. I'm a little annoyed that I didn't know this before I started taking it 6 months ago, but I do have my superman dose right now. Also, there's been studies that have found low levels of vitamin D in women who have breast cancer. So is there a link? It's possible. To have ANYTHING added to the arsenal of preventatives to fight this fight against the beast - everything is important.

I'm including a link that begins with a disturbing statement. Please look at the article as a whole rather than freaking out at the first statement. It simply explains it well, as opposed to trying to interpret medical speak from a journal article.

Now I'm no doctor. I never professed to be. I do, however, have some serious power to my google searching ability and I didn't turn up anything suggesting Vitamin D wasn't an important part of overall wellness for cancer survivors. Look at it this way, if we are deficient in any one area, our bodies can't function as they should. It's the same with Vitamin D.

I still don't have my answer whether Tamoxifen actually encourages the depletion of Vitamin D. I'll save that one for Dr. K at my December 2 checkup and marker blood work visit.

Roger that!


JD said...

I can tell in your tone that you are feeling like a weight is slowly being lifted off your soul! Congratulations! We take our boobies for granted and for you, getting your "tatas" is a huge step toward kicking cancer's ass and moving toward becoming more like the woman you were before. Sometimes I think that when we go through something traumatic, that we always carry part of that with us and it changes us forever. Your scars are a badge that proves that you are a strong woman and that you conquered the beast. If no one has told you today, I'm proud of you for hanging in there and fighting!

S. F. Heron said...

Thanks JD! Your words mean more than I can say.