Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just call me Superman

Yes, I feel better. I had blood work that miraculously didn't show I was riddled with new cancer. I have a vitamin D deficiency and I'm anemic. Chemo - the gift that keeps on giving!

I need to do some research about this topic and pick the brain of my friend, Vicky the newly anointed nutritionist. There has to be some correlation between chemo and these vitamin messups. How do I find a balance without taking a pill? Or is this something that I can't control and will need help with for the near future? This is definitely a serious question for my oncologist, who I see on December 2nd.

I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!
So Bill is literally afraid of my prescription Vitamin D pill. This puppy is 50,000 iu and I take it once a week. The look on his face was priceless when I showed him my whopping 4 pills. He thinks I'm going to be Superman, leaping over tall buildings in a single bound. More like Mighty Mouse.

Been writing like a fiend at the content mill. It's so nice to have my marbles in line and be able to concentrate. I don't remember even chemo fatigue being so intrusive. I am so glad this got corrected and if I can maintain it, I'm officially heading back into the land of the living.

Got a visit with the plastic surgeon today to schedule permanent tata installation for early December. My gift to myself. I don't even care if the whole mess interferes with Christmas as long as this nightmare is DONE by the end of 2009. I wonder how long will I be sore? I'm not interested in getting quasi nipples installed. Just give me some chichis (Mexican for boobs) and call it a day. We don't need to be complicated here :)

So I have tons of Dr appointments over the next 2 weeks. Each one is a checkup: 6 month checkup with radiation specialist, 3 month marker with oncologist, 6 month checkup with surgeon, 6 month checkup with plastic surgeon. Also have to schedule my preop physical and get more bloodwork to check the Vitamin D levels. Argh! My "social" calendar is getting full pretty fast!

I want you all to know my mom admonished me gently because I haven't posted an update about the health and checkup. My apologies. It was a gentle rebuke though, reminding me that you all check in occasionally to see what is going on. Again, I'm sorry for being the absent blogger!

Hope you all are well. Will keep you posted on tata schedule and of course, if I leap over any buildings!



Jill said...

Welcome to December reconstruction. I am having mine done on Dec 1st....a diep. Scared in one way but happy in another to hopefully soon have an end to this.
That is a lot of vitamin D, luckily I just have to take 1000 IU's a day because of the Tamoxifen.
I hope you get all your appointments done. I have had my pre-op and just have an appointment with my oncologist next week.
I hope all goes well for you.

S. F. Heron said...

Jill, I take Tamoxifen too. What's the deal with T and Vitamin D??

Asfer said...

I dont know what to tell