Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Happenings and November is here!

We had an extremely eventful Halloween. My niece (and her mom and dad) came up for a visit and since Halloween was on a weekend, Sammi could trick or treat with Jackie. They live 1 1/2 hours away so this was a real treat!

We carved pumpkins for hours - 7 of them! And made chili and dogs for everyone. The funny part was my mom's new dog, Bruiser. He came dressed at a Washington Nationals bat boy. Bruiser trick or treated with us because it was the perfect opportunity to teach this 65 pound oaf how to walk on a leash without pulling. And it worked! He almost tore the arm out of 3 people's sockets but he now walks beside us.

Jackie was a vampire with the coolest spiked pink, black, orange and purple hair. Sammi was an absolutely beautiful witch. She's got gorgeous dark hair that her Mommy turned orange. Steffie was a raspberry. Pretty as always. Sammi was the real deal though. She had the evil witch faces going perfectly in all the pictures :)

November is my favorite month. I like spring and summer but there's something about November that simply makes it the perfect time of year. Maybe because Bill and I got married in November. Our anniversary is on Thanksgiving this year.

Halloween wiped me completely out so I slept for most of today. I was pretty happy about the time change - who wasn't, right? An extra hour. Now it's 5:45 and I've done nothing but I'll get it together soon. It's completely dark outside which is really freaky. It's pretty funny when I pick Jackie up from school the week after daylight savings ends. She's convinced I'm picking her later because it's dark outside :)

Still in the jammies watching the hockey game. I'm a bum but I don't care. Yesterday was alot of action.

I did have a Dr's appointment on Friday. Dr. P is so thorough. He took multiple viales of blood to test me for everything from pregnancy (yes, he's clueless) to Vitamin D deficiency and everything in between. Thyroid (he's doing that too Sue!) and anemia and the works. I hope there's an easy explanation for it all. He did give me some Ambien if I needed it. He says that sometimes simply resetting the sleep pattern for 2 to 3 nights can recharge the batteries. I'm not a fan of pills :( He also wants me to stop my Claritin allergy pills. Not a good time of the year for this since I'm really allergic to leaf mold and leaf dust.

So there it is. I had my workup. I need to get a chest Xray tomorrow and then I should have the blood test results tomorrow night. My next marker test is scheduled for right before Thanksgiving.

Hope all of you had a happy Halloween too!

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JD said...

I have horrible allergies too so I can relate to your delima there. They say that honey and elderberry concentrate are excellent natural remedies for the immune system and for combatting allergies. Maybe those would be a good replacement for the Claritin? I'm not sure if elderberry concentrate is available where you live but there is a winery called Wildwood Cellars in Mulvane, KS that sells the concentrate and I imagine you can order by mail. Supposed to be great for all kinds of ailments and all natural.