Thursday, October 8, 2009

A tribute to a grandma

A writer friend just lost her grandmother. Heather got to spend a few of her final days with her before she passed away this morning. She took this picture and it's so touching in it's simplicity that I had to share it.

Please include Heather and her family in your prayers.


Jill said...

My prayers go out to Heather's family.A very touching photo and in that moment, holding her hand, she will treasure forever.

Blue Heron said...

I found your blog while cruising cyberspace and hope that you don't mind me chiming in. I am a 52 year old man who first found out he had cancer in 1985. I went through 5 years of surgeries, losing half my left kidney and lots of tumors in my bladder and ureter. Found out I had a 10% chance of making it 3 years. Fooled them.

I pretty much thought that I had been there and done that until last november when I started peeing blood again. I lost the rest of my left kidney, my left ureter and a piece of my bladder on April 1st of this year. I am feeling pretty good at the moment.

I always said that cancer was one of the biggest blessings of my life because it taught me how to live in the moment. I guess maybe I still believe that but it was still a shock when it came back. Thought I had it beat.

Nice that you write about your experiences so that others can learn from you. No one gets out of this life thing alive. We are all renting. Wishing you the best.