Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A sleepy blog

I can hear this thing snoring during the day, almost asking me for attention cause I've been a very neglectful blogger. Shame on me.

We've been so busy with Stef's swimming that I literally haven't had time to write anything other than paying articles. I crank out somewhere between 7 and 10 most days, if I'm lucky...and if I don't have "Mommy" 10 zillion times during the course of the day.

I think it's funny that I was happy summer was starting and I wouldn't have to go to school every day. Hah! Summer is far busier than school days but a mile!

Stef is swimming really well now and she actually swam butterfly in Divisionals tonight. This is the first time she's done fly in a meet and she actually won her heat. She's got a natural grace and speed in the water that makes watching her a joy. She's a very good swimmer and progressing nicely as time goes on.

Jackie is swimming too at her camp. She'll probably hit the swim team next year when she's 5 years old. She tried fly and backstroke last weekend. She needs to be able to swim for 25 meters unassisted to compete. God help me if she doesn't win (and the world - Mom are you reading this?!) Jackie isn't a happy camper when she loses.

My eyelashes still aren't back to where they were. I wonder if they every will be. How long does it take an eyelash to grow? That's something I'll google and report back at some point.

Hair still sucks. I hate short hair. With a vengeance. I've lost my 2 big toe nails and my 2 little ones. I jsut use flesh colored polish and screw anyone who doesn't like it. Luckily, some nail grew out under the broken nail so there's something there to paint.

7 months yesterday - I had my last chemo session and still the effects continue. It sucks. I'm here but I just want my hair, eyelashes and health back for good.

Going to bed. Sleep well everyone. Even if I haven't been responding, I have been reading everyone's blogs to keep up with how everyone is feeling. You're all in my thoughts and prayers every single night!



Daria said...

Thanks for talking about your toe nails ... so far my toe nails are fine but my finger nails are being effected.

I now know what I can try.

Sara Williams said...

I have never wanted hair so much in my life so I am with you on that one. My eyelashes are growing back enough to put a little mascara on but nowhere near what they were. I was told that they are slow growing. On the plus side, when I was young I used to get stys on my lower eyelids (painful) and as a result I had bald bits - they have now grown back so there is a plus side to chemo if there can be one!

Beth said...

7 months post chemo - I can't wait to be done, sometimes I wonder if I'll make it through. What other side effects do you still have?

Anonymous said...

Your eyelashes WILL come back. I lost mine three times after chemo ended. I think you're beautiful.