Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bone Pain

I thought I'd write about something cancer related. Even though it occurred to me that I don't have that nasty anymore. I should change the banner on my blog but I haven't come up with anything yet. Will do soon.

The pain in my ankles and shins gets overwhelming at times. For the first time in quite awhile, I actually considered taking some heavy duty painkillers last night. The ache is incredible in my hips and back. I do wonder when this will end. Or if it even will.

I feel okay when I'm moving around after I get up. But boy is it difficult to get up sometimes. When my feet first hit the floor in the morning, it's brutal. The pain concentrates in the joints from ankle to knee, takes a break for my thighs and lands in my hips. It's not pleasant. Throw in a little sciatica and I'm the resident gimp here :(

I never expected to have this gimping action going on so long after chemo was finished. I'm at 5 1/2 months out now. I do hope this leaves soon as it's making me miserable. I had 6 neulasta shots. The debate is whether the bone pain was caused by the shots or the chemo. Who cares? Just make it go away.

My treatment plan is to workout every day as much as I can - on the exercise bike and elliptical and take a bike ride with Jackie or Bill. Not impact exercise but a gentle steady workout. At times it helps and at other times, I need the help of some Advil.

It isn't much fun when I'm heading down the home stretch to the start of vacation next friday. I need some energy and my bones to cooperate to get everything done. Our car ride to the beach to see Bill's Mom a few weeks ago was absolutely excruciating. That was 150 miles. God help me, I need to last for 600 miles this time.

Maybe they can strap me to the roof!

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Ronni Gordon said...

I'm having a similar problem with achy legs and having trouble getting out of bed. Today I took my morning meds at 1 p.m., which pushes back my noon meds to the afternoon. Once I get up it's better, but it's so much easier just to lie in bed. Good luck with your energy. It will come back eventually, as will mine.