Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still awake

The pain since treatment has been unimaginable. Remember that they aren't frying the node sites anymore but instead straight on the tumor site. I'm pretty tough now after all that has happened to me. But I dissolved tonight because I just can't stand the pain anymore.

It's the skin, it's the implant and everything in between. The pain patches aren't working and the only thing that gives me a few moments of relief is the Tylenol. I'm pulling my patches tomorrow and going back on Oxycodone until it's under control. And anyone who doesn't agree with me--just let me hold a blow torch to your skin for 25 days and see how you get in lock step with me right quick.

It's too much to ask one person, or any person for that matter, to suffer like this to the point of almost vomiting from the pain. I know it will be better within the next 2 weeks but I can't do it right now. I hurt from my rib cage up to my neck, from my sternum all the way around to my right shoulder blade - yes, that's shoulder blade. And everything in between, including the crispy part under my arm, at my collarbone, below my right boob and down the left side. Raw exposed skin.

Maybe I'll post a picture tomorrow.

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Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Have they tried local measures such as lidocaine? Anything to make the skin numb inside of zonking you out with opiates, which don't seem to be working. OW!! I hope they will address this problem ASAP! I really hope this will fade by the time you read this.