Thursday, April 2, 2009


Dealing with explaining the myriad details of this latest round of "Mommy pain" to Jackie hasn't been easy. She left home for preschool in tears today. Daddy had to help her get ready today because I hurt too much. Very unusual. Jackie was sitting on my lap for her morning snuggle, inspecting my collarbone redness. She said she told her friends at school that Mommy had red owwies and an emergency. (Olivia, her buddy at school, inspected me too the other day.)

I explained that this was a different kind of medicine and it was almost done. And also that it limited how much Mommy could move around. When she was walking out the door, I could see she didn't want to leave for school. I reassured her I would be fine. Bill also noticed her tears and promised her he would be with me all day to take care of me. That calmed her down. Being 4 is tough. Being 4 with a sick Mommy is even tougher. She has handled all this (with abbreviated explanations) like a heavy weight prize fighter. As has Steffie.

Stef is off in her own little world, continuing to bang against walls instead of doing what she's obligated to do. She's got a great gift - the gift of ignoring everything. If I am down and out for a nap, it's free time, according to her. This child of mine is a free spirit...she always has been. Gentle and sweet but she takes full advantage of Mommy.

I've been keeping up with the Mommy duties around the house pretty much. I can't vacuum and boy, does the house need it. My family consists of human crumb factories that sprinkle bits and pieces of everything all over the house. Add 3 cats and I vacuum 3-4 times a week. It's therapeutic.

My Uncle Frank and Aunt Regina are coming into town to stay with Mom and Dad until Monday morning. Mom is recovering nicely from chemo, so much so that she requested a road trip to the grocery with Dad today. Dad, of course, cannot stand Mom going to the grocery (read: she buys stuff!) but Mom always finds the coolest stuff when she visits the grocery. She's the only person I know who can actually visit the grocery and come home with NOTHING perishable :) Love my aunt and uncle - they are low maintenance, just chilled out people who will step in to help both Mom and me if we need it.

It's raining and mushy outside so I'm thinking the little fashion diva's softball practice might be canceled. We have added pink softball cleats to her softball fashion options. I think I'm going to make her wear my t-shirt that looks like this:

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Armand said...

Nice shirt. I have one that says FUCK CANCER in big silver letters. I wear it on bad days.