Saturday, March 28, 2009

APB: Missing salt shaker

Its raining and bumming me out. Not only because Steffie couldn't practice either Thursday or today but because I want to see some sunshine. We're in a water deficit here though, so I know we need the rain. I'm taking Jackie to get some seeds today. We'll be setting up our annuals for planting in a month or so. Dad doesn't know it yet, but we'll be using his greenhouse :) He'll be able to monitor the seedlings.

(He knows now though, doesn't he?)

This is the first year we've done this so we'll have to see how it goes. Last year, Jackie planted some zinnia seeds in a pot and they took off! We moved them to the gardens and had a riot of purple flowers the entire summer.

My cousin's birthday is today so we'll be heading to M&Ds for steak and cake. Easy day, I hope. Stef's going shopping with a friend so I should have some silence.

We've lost the salt shaker. Either I put it somewhere or threw it away, or Jackie confiscated it. I don't know how Jackie could have done it since she wasn't here. So I'm likely the culprit. Pretty funny that I can't remember what I do from minute to minute. Milk in the pantry, coffee in the fridge, butter someplace else. It's wacky.

Air heads, unite! Or is that untie?


Anonymous said...

Hi Babe. This is your Mom -- gonna try it again.

First - did you check the fridge for the salt shaker?

When you're over tonite, remind me and I'll give you another set.

(I'm hoping my laptop doesn't freeze until I finish this == !@#!@#$%^& Vista!)

Want you to know how proud we are of you -- not even sure if proud is the right word. What we want you to know, though, is that in spite of chemo and unbelievable reactions, and now radiation, you have somehow managed (probably thru sheer determination, to do all the other things a Mom and daughter has to do. (I know that's a super long sentence!)

You have managed in spite of Bill's continually appearing cold, Jackie's walking pneumonia and bronchitis, Steffie's infection, tons of laundry, all your cats, birds, fish, turtle, hermit crab, etc. Bill has been absolutely wonderful throughout the entire time -- he's a wonderful husband -- the best, next to your Dad!

And then, on top of everything, you have been my cheerleader, the one who has listened to me countless times and understood where I was coming from. Of course your Dad has always been there, but he's been through so much with both you and me that sometimes
I just can't burden him with more.

Somehow or other we have been blessed with a wonderful family, for which I thank God every day. (I just wish Joey, Michelle and Sammi lived closer.)

You have been a brick (I know that's a crappy anology but it's the best this chemo brain can come up with right now.)

Hang in there, Sweetheart. This will be over soon and you'll be able to get on with your life.

Dad and I love you very much.


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

What a nice Mom you must have!

I think I'll jump start some zinnias myself along with some cosmos.

You'll find that salt shaker again but only after you go out and get another.
The secret word verification is 'abica' only one letter from amica (Italian for female friend)
How apt!