Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Radiation cancelled

Had a slight break yesterday because the radiation machine broke. I needed a break. My rash is very pronounced and I'm very sore. Not anything new, huh?

Quiet week with my parents out of town. Had Jackie's conference yesterday. Good marks for everything across the board, except that she colors horribly. Jackie is the kind of kid who likes to do things perfect the first time. Since she doesn't like to color outside the lines, she doesn't color at all. I've told her it's how we teach our hands to be smart and do special things. She ignores that and instead tells me her hands are already smart :)

So if you hear screaming, it's coming from my house as we sit coloring when she doesn't want to. She does like to paint so maybe we could do some of that. Fine motor skills need developing, whether she likes it or not. She does write her name beautifully but we all think she'll take off if we teach her hands a little more. And of course, when she colors in the line.

My nails are a complete mess. I may have gotten through chemo without losing them and having them turn black, but boy, are they falling apart now. All of them are clipped short and are peeling, especially my thumbs. The breaks on the sides are slowly moving their way up and then the nail gets snagged on something and rips off. First aid cream to the rescue! Makes me wonder if they'll be deformed when this is over.

I was immersed in sub-Saharan culture last night helping Stef study for her social studies tests this week. She needs to ace these to pull her grade up before end of quarter at the end of the week. I think she's pulled everything up to a B except English. We'll see. I've warned her of the smackdown coming if the grades are really bad. I'm not sure what I'm going to smack her down with since she doesn't have her phone or the computer right now. A sassy mouth took those away. She's a sucker for punishment. But then, she has had alot on her plate these past few months. However, she does need to learn the lesson that you rise to adversity, not let it be an excuse. I think she's learning this.

Softball tomorrow. Stef was obsolutely horrifed when we talked about what she'd be wearing. Sweat, a t-shirt, and grubby sneakers. She told me she hadn't worn a t-shirt in ages. God help me - we'll have the first softball fashion show in history. Couple that with the pink fast pitch softball glove and we're sure to have some drama.

I did get on the fevil exercise bike for some fun and interval training. The great part was that Jackie kept resetting the bike timer and messing me up. I think I might have done 4 miles. 5 minute warm up, 1 minute on and off, fast and slower riding. But who knows, since Jackie kept pressing the button. She'd dash over, smack the button with her little finger, and run away. She's a pip!

Have a good day everyone!

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