Monday, March 16, 2009

Keeping myself occupied

Busy here writing articles about the NCAA tournament. It keeps the mind occupied and hopefully, the pocketbook a little more full. These articles go on "pay by click" which seems kinda fruitless but it actually isn't. Pay per click articles are "evergreen" meaning that they are good forever. A good way to develop a passive income stream.

Jackie has moved through this latest cold quickly and my hands are still surviving the onslaught of constant washing. Dry and brittle nails and chapped hands are no way to go through life (haha, right?) She's stuffy but not overly so. And well enough to be annoying with climbing all over me. Try collecting your thoughts with chemo brain and a kid using you for a tree. Multitasking isn't my strong point right now.

Steffie starts softball this week. This should be fun. She's never played a team sport before. Instead, she's danced for years but we had to skip that this year with my heavy treatment plan. Practice begins Thursday. Yay, right? I fully expect a meltdown as well as theatrics. I need to find the entire first aid kit before Thursday. She's playing with school friends for a rec league. Bill has coached men's softball for close to 25 years so he's knows the ins and outs very well. I will confess to being a little amused last night when he looked up at me and said something about needing to force himself to think of the fundamentals again. I'm thinking I might take my tailgating chair and a thermos of coffee to sit back and enjoy the fun (*insert evil laugh)

I've told myself I'm getting on the "fevil" exercise bike today. Fevil is Armand's word and I'm stealing it. I think he'll appreciate the extended use of the term. Who knows - he might end up being famous for getting it in some dictionary somewhere. 1:30 is my time. I'm doing it. For real. More than just the mile I've been doing 3-4 times a week. Seeing a pic of myself when Steffie was 7 did the trick. I'll beat the steroids and last 9 months of inactivity out of me if it's the last thing I do (how's that for drama?)

I start the second half of my radiation course today. Whoppee! I'm happy treatment is moving along but not thrilled at the condition of my skin. It's itchy and I'm not supposed to itch. Thanks, Captain Obvious but it itches! What's a girl to do? I have 3 2-inch long scars from my allergic reaction to the henna marks on my skin. Love that. It's actually symmetrical. One each on the left and right and one in the middle. Looks ridiculous. Let's mention the cross sign I have on my chest--you know, right in the area where a necklace pendant hangs? Good damn thing I gave up bikinis 5 years ago. Forget scooped necks shirts too.

Catching the sarcasm? Good. I'm annoyed again despite the appearance of tiny hairs along my eyebrows. I'll report on the condition of my eyelashes too - they aren't. No mascara since I'm trying to help them recover before Easter. This whole thing has officially turned me into a bitch. I see people with pretty hair and want to yank on it, really, really hard. The horrifying part is that I don't think it would make me happy if I manned the razor to shave these people bald.

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