Monday, March 23, 2009


You can bet the complaint department will be good and open tomorrow (or today) when I visit Dr. A. I'm having joint pain in my hips and upper thighs and right ankle. My lower back was so sore this morning it felt broken when I tried to get out of bed. I'm gimpy when I stand up and it takes some serious moving around before I limber up. For God's sake, I'm only 41. This gimpy stuff is for the birds.

Bill's worried enough to go to the Doc with me tomorrow. I googled this (big no no, I know) and it seems that joint pain can be a side effect of chemo and radiation. oh Joy! Just what I need.

All this crap is like baggage I don't want. I'm ready to move on here and somethings always holding me back.

On a brighter note, sometime this month is Maui the cat's birthday. So here she is, in all her 18-year old glory. She loves to be perched on the back of my chair. She likes to be treated like a princess too, as you can see by the food dish being placed conveniently near her sleeping spot.

My laptop has been in the shop for half my adult life (not really but I've got my drama on) and I should be getting it back this week. The monitor blew and it's frankly cheaper to replace the monitor than the whole laptop. My book is on there and I've been beyond inspired a number of times and unable to write because I'm missing the documents that contain my grand plan. The broken stuff in this house (not including me) is getting out of control. Bill is broke too - he needs to get into the Doc to start scheduling his hernia surgery for sometime in April.

I'm not done with the drama. The day has just begun but I'm going to bed. I'll ramp up after I sleep.


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