Monday, March 23, 2009

Drama Part 2

After a long day, I've decided I don't have the energy for drama right now. My skin's burning and itching and I'm watching Armageddon. It's fitting. If I wasn't watching this, I'd be watching Will Smith in Independence Day, frying aliens and blasting spaceships out of the sky with fighter jets and rockets.

The opinion of the radiation folks is that my bone pain isn't from the radiation (haha, that a surprise, isn't it?) They think it's the chemo and possibly the Neulasta throw in for good measure. So I see the oncologist for a blood draw with the vampires tomorrow and we'll discuss it then. For some reason, I do believe I'm gonna hear "deal with it." And of course, the proverbial 6-12 months and it'll be better. What they don't realize is that I heard the same thing when my tailbone cracked when Steffie was born. It took alot longer than 6-12 months. I'll be loving that pat on the head tomorrow. There, there bunny.

So here I sit, itching like the dickens, sore across my collarbone, the entire width of the right side of my chest, up under my armpit to the skin on the back of my arm. I do realize I had alot of issues to deal with in this area. So I'm just complaining to be dramatic. I would do this anyway if the pain and discomfort was worse. But, and this is a big BUT, I'm entitled to having my complaint department being open and broadcasting at will.

One other bit of drama before I finish this for the night. You see, the nuke has been armed in the movie and I need to watch it. Anyone tells you or anyone else that radiation doesn't completely exhaust you, they are full of it. The fatigue is unimaginable. For example, this morning I woke up with Bill at 8 a.m. and heard him rummaging around getting his shower, making lunch and coffee. Jackie woke up, went downstairs to say goodbye. I conked out again and didn't wake up until 10:30. Thank God she just got onto the computer to play on Nick Jr. Scared me to death. And bless her heart, I praised her so much for being such a big responsible girl. I never sleep in, I'm never the last person in bed. Only thing different is the radiation. So there it is.

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Armand said...

Blogs are designed for bitching, and as far as I'm concerned, not much else. Revel in it :)