Thursday, February 12, 2009

X marks the spot (and Mom)

I went for my first radiation planning visit today. It was incredibly cool. I was placed on a CAT scan table with this inflatable, bead filled cushion behind my shoulders (imagine a pillow about 1/2 times the size of a bed pillow). The technician (named Yolanda - she's not a vampire) moved and maneuvered me for close to 15 minutes to create as smooth a surface from shoulder to breast as possible. She made these Xs on my chest with this stinky henna pen that smelled alot like an overpowered sharpie marker.

Then I was slid into the CAT scan machine for a series of soft tissue scans to create the basis for the computerized radiation plan. Dr. A will take these images and create a computerized program for my radiation treatments. Hell if I really know how he does it but I was told that my case is complicated so he needs a week to analyze what he'll do. Next Friday, they'll take regular X-rays to transpose with my soft tissues images to create a computerized "me."

So I have these Xs all over me, kinda like the latitude and longitude marks of a map. Two in the center (and the base of my neck and at my sternum and one on each side). These are my regisitration points that are used for reference with the multiple images as well as for treatments.

Now these things aren't really attractive at all. I'm gonna be the crew-neck sweater/sweatshirt chickie for the next 7 weeks. But I hope this fries any little remaining cancer cells like an overcooked 'smores marshmallow.

So today I got a mold of me in a funky, uncomfortable position and some Xs. It was quite a day.

Went from radiation to see Mom at the hospital for chemo. It was good to see my nurses, the volunteers, and to be with Mom. I made her a yummy lunch and we visited for a short time. I thought I'd have a hard time handling being there but ya know? What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger.

I'll be able to help her now and she can't give me any lip because I've been there, and done that. I know what she's supposed to be doing after chemo so I can be "Bad Cop" to Dad's good cop. I know you're reading this Mom so I'm warning you - none of your sass :)

I do have to post that Dad was appropriately outraged that I addressed his penchant for drama on my blog. He grumbled to Mom about it. Then during our visit, he proceeded to bang his head into a hanging plant two times with excessive drama. See what I mean? He can grumble all he wants but he really does do drama all day, every day.

Dad's receiving a flag in a week or so that's been flown over the Iwo Jima Memorial for a month to honor his service in the Marines. I'm very proud of his service and his comittment to the service even now 50 years later. We'll all be attending this presentation ceremony on the 23rd at the Memorial. Wouldn't miss it for the world!

Still so tired that I want to scream and having some trouble being motivated. Got that unique whiplash feeling from port removal and a sore back from hanging out on the hard CAT scan table for so long. It's so nice to be able to take Tylenol again! I'm only slightly dippy on that stuff. Chemo brain is so real and a complete nuisance. I need to make notes of my notes to keep track of my notes.

Be well everyone.

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OddBall said...

He's a friggin klutz. He ran over a football with a push mower: an INFLATED football with a PUSH mower.

Does that compute Grandpa? :)

Seriously, he's really only dangerous with a few items; sharp objects, equipment that requires gasoline, hammers and the like, anything that drives nails, compressed air, ladders, did I mention sharp objects?

He's dangerous but we love the big lug...