Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The State of the Nation

Not really, but that's a dramatic title, isn't it?

It's really the "State of Me" but I'm going for drama here. I've learned from the master (my father) and I'm coached daily on the drama routine from my girls :)

I had my mediport out yesterday as an outpatient procedure. I'm pretty sore but more than anything, this feels like real progress down the road to putting this behind me. It's amazing how many times Jackie bumped her little head against my mediport and how much it hurt. I've got a cut on top of an existing cut. So my scars will have scars. Peachy.

The implant has reached "equilibrium" which means it isn't losing any more fluid. It's reached it's happy place. So we're leaving it alone for now and since the failed implant is on the left side, I got the Doc's promise that if it goes flat like a popped tire, he'll replace it regardless of when or where I am in my radiation regimen. That's all I really wanted.

I'm tired all the time now which is why I haven't been updating the blog much. Chemo does make a person so tired even 3 weeks after it's all done. I was hoping to perk up by now. I guess anesthesia thrown into the mix isn't helping a whole lot either.

But guess what? I can take Tylenol now. I haven't been able to take anything that might mask a fever for months. As a result, Tylenol works really well now.

I've got my planning for radiation scheduled for tomorrow and a visit to the vampires for my final blood draw until halfway through radiation. Baby steps but progress all the same.

Back to the state of the nation. I do have a comment about that. I am greatly disturbed by this article and the ramifications for everyone in tenuous positions of health. I don't like the big brother concept of it all. I'm told by friends in the know that this article misinterprets the entire presentation of the health care provisions in the stimulus bill. Somehow, I doubt that. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, etc...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting your port out! My onc wants me to keep mine in for another year, just in case. Nice thought, right? But it doesn't bother me, so I'll play along. Hugs!

OddBall said...

I'd keep the port in all the time. It's much easier to mainline your favorite party drug...goes right to the bloodstream. No need to wait for digestion to occur.