Sunday, February 15, 2009

Movin on Up!

This tired thing is really getting to me although I have to admit, I've had some seriously yummy naps. Yesterday, I decided to drag everyone outside to pick up all the sticks around the yard that fell from the trees during the high winds we've had the last few days. Luckily, nothing significant hit the house (gusts to 50 at times - yikes!)

Bill and I never prepped any of the gardens for winter. When I think back, what was I doing in October? Chemo and soreness. Seems to be how I've spent most of the winter. I love my gardens and they've definitely been neglected. Other than getting all the leaves up last fall and getting in trouble from the surgeons for using my leaf blower, I did nothing outside to put all the plants to sleep.

We took care of some of that yesterday. Trimming and pulling, neatening up the gardens in preparation for planting in May. It was really a mess. Five trashcans later, we dealt with the smaller sticks, trimmed the hydrangeas, and generally just cleaned up all the dead plants in the garden. Surprisingly, it only took about an hour.

I'm not sore today! Yay! And I do think it made a great difference in the level of my soreness on the right side, which hasn't been happy since the fill up of my implant. I need my range of motion back before I start radiation so I'll be something along these lines every day. It works! And icing it too. This is really the least sore that I've felt in 2 weeks!

I have a final planning appointment on Friday and then I start chemo on the 23rd. My health insurance nurse told me to be cautious of anemia and brittle bones during radiation. I need to check with my doc on this. I'm still not googling anything.

I don't feel stressed or worried. I think we've made good choices and that I've done what I'm supposed to do to make this go away. Hell, it doesn't get more radical than giving up both boobs to this monster. And 8 months so far of my life.

I wonder if I'll have to figure out my new definition of "normal?" So far, when I go down from this, I just pick up where I left off, doing stuff, writing, being Mom and wife. It's working for me, at least right now.

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